Hi All! Just a quick message from me, Bryan
I have to make you all aware that I am scheduled for ankle surgery in the first week of August. I apologise that I won't be free to bike fit between 3rd August and 19th August as I will be in a cast. My first day back in August will likely be Saturday 20th.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
White coloured slots are available to book, grey days show unavailable times.
Any problems - feel free to email: info@sportstechlab.com
Thank you for considering to book a service with SPORTSTECHLAB. Simply enter your name, email address and telephone number. Choose the service you require and finally the day or time you prefer. You will receive a confirmation email and Dr Bryan Roberts will get in touch to discuss your requirements. Any problems contact us via email (info@sportstechlab.com). Thanks

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SAT NAV: Unit 28 Wheatley Business Centre, Old London Road, Wheatley, Oxfordshire, OX33 1XW

SAT NAV: The back of the building sits on the edge of the A40. We have heard that SAT NAV's can take you to the back of the building with no entrance. Please turn into Wheatley from the A40 to afford this confusion when travelling from Oxford . 

Cycling from Oxford? You can follow this route:

Cycling to Wheatley from Oxford