Looking for a Bike Fit in Oxford?


You can learn more about my bike fitting process and experience below, but a quick message from me, Bryan, is that I have sold sportstechlab to Kiro and Thomas at Fulcycle, and all bike fits will be booked through Fulcycle's website.



SPORTSTECHLAB is a friendly bike fit & repair studio with an informative bike fitting service conducted part-time by Dr Bryan Roberts.

Bryan's aim is simple: to be the best bike fit studio in Oxfordshire.

We are sure you have lots of questions, but let's start with the services:

All services include an short introductory interview regarding their current cycling demands, a full body physio, strength, flexibility assessment, a dynamic movement analysis test and of course a great (well hopefully) cup of tea or coffee. 


Cleat or Saddle Fitting - (1 hour appointment)

Bryan is a recognised cleat and saddle specialist, and can conduct cleat and saddle fittings only if you are sure everything else is correct, or you have had a bike fit before. The process lasts 1 hour, rather than the full 2 hour fit, and includes the physio assessment. 

With saddle fitting the customer tries a multitude of saddles, completes a ID Match fit, and has a 2-week money back guarantee on any saddle.

With cleat fitting, Bryan assess' the potential for wedging, orthotics, shims, spacers, and all the extra parts necessary for pure foot movement.

Commuter Fitting (no cleats) - (1.5 hours appointment)

The commuter fit is perfect for the customer with pains & niggles when riding but who doesn't wear cleated shoes (cleats). The same extensive physio assessment is conducted, but the bike fitting is limited to saddle height and handlbeat position only.

Road Bike Fitting - (2 hours appointment)

Both the road bike and aerobar bike fitting services offer the complete package and deal with all aspects of the bike. Perfect the for any rider.

Aerobar (Triathlon) Fitting - (2.5 hours appointment)

Aerobars are typically installed for better aerodynamics during triathlons or TT competitions. The added complexity of aerobars requires extra time and is priced accordingly.


To book a bike fit, please visit Fulcycle website


Any testimonials?

It's hard to trust a bike fitter and to know that your bike is in safe hands. That's why we ask all our customer to provide some feedback for future customers. Please read the testimonials below to get a better understanding of our service:

“I thought I would get in touch to let you know how the bike is going. Generally, it feels amazing! I've done ~30miles over 3 trips and so far things are good. I have also pretty much recovered from my back issues although i'm told there may be a few niggling pains for a short while as my muscles adapt and get into the swing of exercise again. I have to say this is amazingly comfortable and I feel I can get so much more power through the wheels."
S. Wiseman

“Well I have now done over 100 miles since bike fitting. No back ache and I now only get slight pins and needles in my right hand but is easily manageable. Thank you very much I now cannot wait to go out on my bike instead of it being a chore it's now a pleasure. I have recommended you to a friend of mine who will be in touch soon."
P. Fenwick

"“Had a bike fit with Bryan at end of last year. Great experience. I’d struggled with cleats before and had gone back to cages- but still not happy with feet position, particularly right foot. Bryan took my concerns seriously, worked through every aspect of the fit- bike and cleats- ended up with a pedal extender on right and complete new riding position- have now been out training hard over the winter and have enjoyed the cycling more than in many years. Using cleats without difficulty and He gave as much time as needed, explained all aspects of the fit and was really friendly and professional throughout. Would (have) recommended to anyone wanting a new fit."
M. Tadman

"Just a quick note to say, thanks very much for the bike fit last week, I’ve been out a couple of times and on the Turbo and its made a massive difference to my comfort on the bike we I guess should translate to performance ultimately. Your couple of tips about stretching hamstrings and stabilising pelvis have helped immensely in just a week. Almost no back pain now. Really appreciate your help and expertise."
Dr C. Wood

"I’ve now had 2 bike fits with Bryan after purchasing a new bike. Bryan had recalled our first session which meant we spent no time dialling in the new bike and my next ride following the latest bike fit was 51 miles with all discomfort issues addressed. Have already recommended to cycling colleagues – great service, highly recommended."

"I had my bike fitted today by Bryan. I have to say the whole experience was very enjoyable with each stage of the fit explained to me so I could understand what was going on. After 700 miles on my bike before being fitted properly I have to say, I wish I had done it before now. I went for a short check ride this afternoon and the bike felt brand new, the riding position felt relaxed and suddenly I wasnt reaching out for the bars, they are just in the right place. I would 100% recommend a visit, its relaxed and Bryan is very thorough. His new gadget is going to be a great asset to his business which allows him to extend or retract the reach of the bars with you still sitting on it. Thanks Bryan, Ill be passing on the word!"
N. Wilson

"I recently came to Bryan with a hamstring tendinopathy, and he not only helped me on the bike but off it as well - I'm now back on form having followed Bryan's guidance and with the benefits of his fitting and physio expertise, my bike fit is superb - I've never felt more comfortable or efficient! Couldn't recommend highly enough!"
E. Cowieson

"Great bike fitting service with invaluable and useful tips on technique too. I was even provided with encouraging advice on rehab for an on-going running injury. Highly recommended. Thanks Bryan!"
K. Lawton

"I recently bought a new road bike which, although the correct frame size, didn’t feel right. I was advised that a bike fit could help and so booked a bike fitting session with Dr Bryan Roberts of Sportstechlab. Unlike many bike fittings which might take place in a busy bike store by cycling enthusiasts, this is a personally tailored, uninterrupted, session by a highly qualified sports scientist. As well as giving me an understanding of the bio-mechanics of my cycling technique, Bryan made some significant adjustments to my bike set up that have made a huge difference to my riding experience. I can’t recommend Bryan and Sportstechlab highly enough."
M. Johnson

"2nd bike fit with Bryan, and an absolutely outstanding service again. His knowledge and enthusiasm is second to none. I'll be coming back many more times I'm sure."
A. Lowe

"Just had a great bike fit at sportstechlab. Bryan was friendly, informative and supremely professional. His holistic approach was just what I wanted. He looks at the whole picture asking how you feel on the bike all the time not just fitting you to a range of arbitrary angles. He also let me try out 6 different saddles and supplied and fitted tri bars. A great service that I would highly recommend."
K. West

"There are not many bike fitters with a PhD in Physiology and Bryan uses his scientific and technical expertise to get your bike set up so it fits you and only you. If you have particular niggles or long-term injuries he can adjust the fit to make it easier for you. He offers a very comprehensive service"
D. Channer

"Great bike fitting and great, genuine service. Doesn't just speed you in and rush you out it's all very relaxed and professional, offering advice to improve different aspects of riding. No salesman bullshit trying to sell things you don't need. Definitely recommend and would/will definitely use again."
O. Turner

"My son has been on the bike a couple if times but the weather has not been v kind recently. He is so delighted with it. So many many thanks."
H. Parks

"I recently had a shoe cleat fitting and was thoroughly impressed by the extremely professional service I received from Dr Roberts. In addition to a really thorough fitting, he highlighted several weak areas in my body, which will be incredibly useful for future injury prevention and management. I will definitely be contacting him again with any bike related issues, and would certainly recommend him to others."
C. Hutchinson

"Dr Roberts experience as a physio is first class, and I would recommend his services to anyone. I`m now on the way to curing my bad knee !"
C. Douglas

"Went out for a quick ride yesterday, felt brilliant."
N. Keast

"Bryan was extremely thorough in my session, his analysis of my riding position and style quickly pin-pointed the changes that needed to be made to my set up, that should increase my power output and efficiency. Changes were made during the session and Bryan took the time to check and re-check everything to ensure optimal positioning. I took the bike out that evening and shaved 6 mins off my best time on one of my local routes also beating all but one of my personal records. I would definitely recommend Bryan & Sportstechlab to any cyclist serious about improving, professional or otherwise! "
J. Whitrod

"Dr Bryan was very friendly and professional. I found the bike fitting incredibly helpful and didn't realise just how badly I was set up prior to it. The after service was also great with Bryan responding very swiftly to follow up messages to provide more support. Definitely recommend to anyone and especially British Forces as a generous discount was given."
M. Hardacre

"Hi Bryan - Thank you so much for the bike fit earlier this week - so far so good! Easy friendly service though I think I am getting old as the music was so loud! Perhaps its because I wasn't pumping any iron! I will let you know how I get on when I race this weekend. Happy bike fitting!"
F. Bradshaw

"My second bike fit and have to say once again Bryan’s knowledge, patience and attention to detail is second to none and any changes you want, however small are never a problem. I have noticed a difference in improved comfort and speed. Overall a very friendly, painless experience and well worthwhile whatever your level of cycling."
L. Flashman

"I had my bike fit with Bryan recently and it has really helped with my pain on the bike. He changed many things from position to peddling style which have made massive improvements for me. He also let me try different saddles which is a great service. He is incredibly knowledgeable and really puts in the time and effort. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND........"
A. Non

"First class service and a great journey home!"
J. Bowling

"I'm loving the fit, bike feels amazing, did some long rides last weekend and def more power and more comfort - yay!"
A. Bell

"Before I had a Road Bike Fitting I was cycling out of position & inefficiently. Since my fitting I have not only erradicated the aches & pains previously associated with my rides but also shaved valuable minutes off my race times. I would recommend this fitting to everyone."
R. Stringer

"Many thanks for last week. I rode out on Sunday morning and was pleased with the differences. Higher average speed, no sore neck although I did find that a had to re-position myself in the saddle every so often. I think I will reduce the slope of the saddle a little as you mentioned."
W. Allen

"From the moment I walked through the door I knew the session was going to be worthwhile. Having recently started increasing my time in the saddle I've been plagued with Achilles pains, Bryan took no time at all to get to the bottom of the problem and the next ride even whilst still sore from previous rides was such an improvement I can't believe I didn't get this done sooner."
D. Broadribb

"After 10 years of serious road cycling and numerous sportives I believed that my riding position was pretty good (no suffering) but after a colleagues enthusiastic referral I signed up for the fitting to see if it could be improved. I was amazed! Bryan found 2 areas of body function improvements and 2 surprisingly large bike adjustments to improve my posture and efficiency. I've adapted to the changes and recon I'm 4% faster now! I'd recommend the fitting to all cyclists."
K. Falck

"Had a bike fitting a few weeks ago-made a noticeable difference when cycling-feels much more powerful and I am in a better riding position. Definitely worth doing. It is worth thinking about what you want if you've fitted tri-bars to a racing bike as its hard to get both tri-bars and racing position comfortable (for understandable reasons). My ride position on the racer is great-I still need to play about with my tri-bars (which I have never really got the hang of anyway). Bryan offered an additional appointment to sort this-I just haven't got round to doing it."
D. McGill

"Having never had a bike fit before I can highly recommend Bryan's services. He took time to look at all areas of the bike, ride position etc. and I have to say there is a noticeable difference already. Nothing was too much trouble, even when I asked to try out at least five different saddles to find the right size and shape. If you want to sort out your bike and riding setup definitely see Bryan."
K. Blay

" I had my first ever bike fitting with Dr Bryan Roberts last Thursday and can honestly say it was money well spent. A very friendly, informative and professional service which included advice on health and well being. I have been out on my bike twice since the fitting and I can already feel the benefits."
P. Needle

"Thanks again for the bike fit - I found it very interesting."
K. de Ban

"From the moment of arriving at the Sports tech lab, I was aware of an informal and relaxed atmosphere led by Bryan who’s very comfortable in his environment. There was no faffing about and standing to attention it was straight down to business, changed and on the bike for a fitting. The combination of science and experience is evident throughout and probably most important of all everything is about ‘learning by doing’. Knowledge is great but the transfer of that knowledge to another person is where it really becomes powerful. Whatever your experience you’ll take plenty away from the day, I like to call myself a triathlete with a little knowledge but as I’d hoped I came away from the fitting with a wealth of new ideas some instant and a few to continue working on. A brilliant afternoon on a technical front but made so much more by Bryan’s relaxed and informative personality. I would recommend Bryan to everyone from novice to elite."
G. Stowell

"Great to have such friendly, expert and supportive advice. I can't recommend Bryan's bike fitting service highly enough. Thank you."
J. Cheetham 

"Fantastic bike fit with Dr Bryan Roberts . He was very thorough and understood my needs . He made me feel very comfortable and nothing was too much trouble. Would definitely recommend this bike fit , very worth while."
E. Keys

"This was my first bike fit and as such wasn't too sure what to expect. Bryan was greatly welcoming and any of my initial worries were quickly forgotten. I bought my first TT bike at the end of last season with a view to competing in an ironman distance event this summer. Bryan started off by taking some time to understand my background and goals, from there he tested my flexibility. Once on the bike (set up in a turbo trainer) we thoroughly went through every aspect and I was surprised that he could pick out specific past injuries that were restricting my cycling position. After a good couple of hours we had adjusted almost every parameter on the bike and on my shoes. Bryan explained every step and even offered alternatives if I found the final position to be too aggressive. Overall the experience was superb and one that I would recommend to cyclists/triathletes of all any ability. Thanks again! Andy."
A. Lewis

"Thorough and professional. Highly recommended."
J. Pelling

"Excellent bike fit. Made all the difference to my race performance - bike and run. Bryan is very thorough and knows his stuff. I was there for 2 hours getting everything right - 2 hours very well spent. Highly recommend him."
M. Gautier

"Bryan provided a friendly and professional service and demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of both the physiological and technical aspects of cycling. I'd been suffering from lower back pain and numbness whilst on the bike. Bryan's methodical assessment soon identified significant hip stiffness and imbalances as the root of the problem. He then spent considerable time observing my riding posture, progressively fine tuning my saddle and cleat position until an optimum position was reached that would alleviate my symptoms and provide a more efficient riding style. It was two hours well spent as the following day I knocked out a 4 hour ride with no lower back pain whatsoever. Highly recommended!"
P. Ilott

"After spending my time commuting in what felt like an annoyingly cramped position, bryan was able to quickly and accurately identify adjustments that needed to happen. A month further on, I've never felt so good on my bike!"
K. Lankford

"Bryan gives expert advice and clearly understands exactly how the bike should be set up to minimise any risk of injury and to help a cyclist get the most from their bike. His friendly service included taking the time to ask what type of cycling I do the most of and fitting the bike to suit. I can't wait for the weather to improve so that I can see how much more fun cycling will be with a bike that has been fitted properly."
J. Duckles

"Enjoyed the fitting process, lots of good advice. Hope we can find a saddle to suit my delicate behind!"
J. Smith

"Thanks for the bike fit, Bryan. It was fascinating to learn so much in the process and I really appreciated the time you took to explain every bit in detail and answering any questions I had. I'm looking forward to spring arriving to try out my new aero position. Good luck with everything, I'll be sure to recommend you to my fellow cycling and tri friends."
G. Staples

"Bryan is a very friendly and down to earth person. A great bike fit and as he explained "he only changes things that need changing and if nothing needs changing that's what he'll say!" He also advises what to do if certain niggles occur. Overall a great experience. Thanks a bundle! Cheers."
I. Greasby

"When it comes to bike fitting Bryan certainly knows his stuff, and what’s more he’s able to clearly talk you through the entire fit in a language that you’ll understand. I just bought a new road bike and thought a fit would be a useful way to short-cut months of tinkering around with saddle height and cleat positioning...and still not getting it quite right. I rode away comfortably and with confidence that I've got a season of injury-free long distance triathlon training ahead of me! And he’s a nice guy too, highly recommended!"
N. Maynard 5 Star Review Stars