Bike Fitting Gift Voucher


If you would like to purchase a road bike fit as a Birthday or Christmas gift, then please add to cart. Dr Bryan Roberts will get in touch after the sale as been processed to organise the appointment. Remember to add an email or telephone to the customer details.



What is the gift voucher?

The lucky recipient will arrive to be greeted by a hot drink and a short introductory interview regarding their current cycling demands. Following which, they will complete a full body physio, strength and flexibility assessment. The aim will be to diagnose any injuries, pains or niggles, and to suggest potential remedies. Once complete, a dynamic movement analysis test will reveal any movement issues, differences in strength between the left and right side, and finally any lack muscle activation patterning. This physical assessment precedes the actual bike fit or gait analysis which corrects biomechanics and technique to make a more efficient movement. 

We are confident that the recipient will learn more about their physique, technique and power transfer during their chosen exercise.

What if I would like a physical gift voucher?

Please mention this in the checkout comments, and we will send a pdf voucher for you to print at your leisure at home.

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