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Dr Bryan Roberts

Dr Bryan Roberts

  • M.Eng. Glasgow University
  • Ph.D. Loughborough University
  • Sports Technology Institute Graduate
  • 10 years Consultant Biomechanist
  • SICI Bike Fitting Professional
  • Running School graduate
  • Mizuno Running Research Associate
  • Nike Biomechanics Research Associate
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    Why choose to SPORTSTECHLAB?

    Sportstechlab is focussed on one thing: to be the best bike fitter in Oxford. If you would like a personalised service, from a Ph.D. graduate level store owner, then we are the bike fit studio for you.

    Dr Bryan Roberts is a qualified SICI Bike Fitter with over 6+ years experience, having conducted over 2000 bike fits in that time. He has also consulted for major sporting goods brands including Nike, Puma and Mizuno among others. This combination of expertise creates a unique process that examines your body rather than simply matching angles to a generic piece of software. Bike fits include anatomical, physical, strength and flexibility assessments developed through years of practice.

    We hope that you choose experience at an affordable price.

    What is the Bike Fitting process?

  • Short interview to understand current pains & niggles
  • Assess flexibility of the lower body including hamstring, hip flexors and lower back
  • Assess your body movements dynamically
  • Work out discrepancies in strength between left & right sides
  • Assess natural foot position, shape, and forefoot varus / valgus
  • Full body angle assessment during exercise - knee, shoulder, back, hips and more
  • Adjust bike components or footwear to suit the rider / runner
  • Develop better technique outdoors
  • Optimise using video
  • Send report with final bike measurements (bike fit only)
  • What do I need to bring with me?

    For a bike fit, please bring your bike, cycling clothing, shoes, cleats (if you have them), and any medications. You will be expected to cycle for at least 20 minutes over the course of the 2 hour road or triathlon fit, or only 10 minutes for the commuter fit.

    Price & payment of the services?

    Bryan is one of the most affordable bike fits in Oxfordshire, whilst being one of the most experienced. Despite having years of experience on sophisticated biomechanics system, Bryan chooses to use video to reduce the cost the client has to pay for the service.

    Sportstechlab can take payment via card, cash, paypal or BACS.

    When can I book?

    Bryan offers mobile bike fits therefore booking slots vary from week to week. Please use our booking service (book now at the top of the page) to select an appropriate slot.:

    Where is SPORTSTECHLAB located?

    Bryan conducts mobile bike fits but the default bike studio is in Wheatley Business Centre. The address is:

    Unit 28 Wheatley Business Centre
    Old London Road
    Wheatley, Oxon
    OX33 1XW

    SAT NAVS: When using a SAT NAV please make sure you turn into wheatley rather than ignoring the sign on the A40. The back of the building is parallel to the M40, and can sometimes say "you have reached your destination" when clearly there is nothing there!

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